Why Do You Need A Specialist For Sewer Work And Repairs?

sewer_repairs_and_installationsIf you have an issue with a sewer and need a repair or are looking at installing a system, you may be asking why you need a specialist to do it. After all, if you are a handy man (or woman), can’t you just do it yourself?

Sewer systems are very important to do correctly because of the nature of disposal water that they carry. Sewer can post risks to people’s health, the environment and life style, so it is very important that correct planning and installation or repair is carried out, following local and national regulations.

With something like sewers, you don’t want to take a risk. We at Drainage NZ have over 25 years experience in drainage, being, ensured, and fully qualified to tackle any repair at hand. We have built and repaired many drainage systems across Auckland and can provide the solution you need, making sure that your system is sorted quickly, efficiently and to the highest standard. Don’t take a chance with something so crucial as sewer, call a professional and get it done right the first time!