Basement And Garage Flooding

Many homes in the Auckland region have a habitable ground floor area which often constructed below outside ground levels. Typically properties built pre 1980 on uneven contoured land can pose a drainage problem if any section of the property has been cut or developed into the ground creating a considerable difference in level from the outside of the property to the inside. Often such properties don’t include any subsoil drainage at all or have a subsoil drainage system which is outdated or faulty resulting in lower areas of your home becoming mouldy or even flooding. We have come across situations where level differences have exceeded 2.5 meters!Follow this link for more information on subsoil drainage

Some scenarios include:

* Basement areas designed for storage.
* Basement areas converted into living space.
* Houses constructed on wooden pilling with external blocks wall on foundation.
* Entry areas to houses below ground level.
* Long steep driveways introducing surface water to lower home levels below finished outside levels.
* Garage floors below driveway levels or external ground level


What is mould? Mould is a type of fungus that grows in damp areas inside and outside the home. It usually appears as green, grey, brown, black, white or red growth or stains on walls, ceilings and other surfaces. It appears in speckled patches or streaks that become larger as it grows. Another name for mould is mildew

Why does mould need to be cleaned away when it starts to grow?


Small amounts of mould are common in most houses in New Zealand and usually don’t cause any health concerns. However, when mould is left to grow in large quantities it can cause serious health problems. This is because mould releases thousands of very tiny or invisible spores (like tiny seeds) into the air. These spores can cause serious health issues when breathed in, especially for elderly people and infants, people with weak immune systems or people suffering from asthma or other respiratory problems. Some mould produces highly poisonous spores which can be life threatening when breathed in, even in small amounts.

For more information about controlling mould caused by water in your home please download controlling mould in your home or call us on 0800 Drainlayer for an obligation free quote.

BASEMENT SUMP PUMP SOLUTIONS (image to the right basment_sump_pump)

In residential applications stormwater sumps are not the ideal solution. We try to encourage homeowners to look at solutions where water problems are managed outside the building envelope rather than within. Stormwater sumps are suitable in the following applications:* Residential applications where all other solutions are not feasible.
* Residential applications with extreme differences in contour levels.
* Commercial applications
* Commercial underground car parks
* Unique applicationsPlease note that in some instances consent may be required from your local authority. For more information please contact us on 0800 Drainlayers

Subsoil drainage and waterproofing solutions are very common and effective in remedying mouldy and wet basements. For more information on these systems, please visit our Subsoil Drainage page.