Commercial Sewers

In a commercial environment sanitary sewer drainage can be very challenging for many companies because of the following:

Limited Experience, resulting in experimental works on your job. This will add cost to the drainage and the potential of making mistakes is very high possibly resulting in faults years later. Unfortunately it is very common that at such a time these individuals won’t be around for you to claim a warranty

Correct Drainage machinery is very important to get large job done correctly and to budget! Commercial drainage commonly involves depths which exceed 1.5 meters requiring shoring capabilities and diggers that reach that kind of depth. Commercial drainage also involves handling heavy pipework made of concrete, wing-walls including large scale commercial chambers, cess pits and management devices. Pipe sizes can vary from 225mm to 1.5 meters. If machinery is not owned it must be hired added considerable costs to your tender.


Required Drainage Qualifications are an absolute must! It’s very risky to employ a drainlayer that can’t get the whole job. Commercial drainage requires drainlayers to be registered with drainlayers board as certifying drainlayers, if public work are to take place drainlayers are required to be registered with Auckland City Council (Manukau Council) and Watercare.


Health and Safety is paramount on construction sites. Not only do all drainlayers have to be qualified and experienced in matters of safety. Laws in NZ are tightening up and every company must have a health and safety policy implemented with a designated health and safety officer to ensure works are done correctly and safely giving you less to worry about during such works. By employing health and safety conscience drainlayers you will limit your liability and ensure a smooth process after undesired event of an accident.


With Drainage NZ you can be confident that:

  • We have all the experience to accommodate any size commercial drainage sewer job.
  • From Concrete Saws to 12 Ton Diggers we have all the machinery on demand.
  • Fully qualified and experienced to all works, including public and road drainage works.
  • All Health and Safety systems are in place and are constantly reviewed and updated.

Our drainage services cover every sewer application within the larger Auckland region. Extend from design to managing a successful installation. Whether its connecting onto existing public services or installation of a new commercial sanitary sewer on private property Drainage NZ are equipped to do the job.


Our Commercial Sanitary sewer services include:

  • Commercial grade sewer pump systems
  • Concrete cutting and road works
  • Council and Public drainage connections and installations
  • Chambers and heavy duty cesspits
  • Installation of various concrete pipe and vitrified clay
  • Road curb subsoil drainage
  • Traffic control services relating to all drainage works
  • Manhole installation and repair works
  • Design and council support
  • Commercial sewer treatment devices

For more information on our regulations around Public and commercial sewer drainage please view the relevant documents below:


Alternatively please ring your local authority for council standards that could apply in your area. If you have any questions or wish to speak to a senior drainlayer please call us on 0800 DRAINLAYER or email us on

You can find more help by referring to NZBC standards such as G13 Foul water, (attached document Download G13 Foul Water) G14 Liquid waste, (Download G14 industrial Liquid Waste) and G15 Solid Waste, (Download G15 Solid Waste) Alternatively you can also download NZS 3500 from the New Zealand Standards website.