We Provide Commercial Stormwater Solutions

commercial_stormwater_drainage_systemsCommercial stormwater systems are highly sensitive systems that require a lot of planning, engineering and calculations to ensure that systems are correctly installed and operate as they should. Incorrectly installed commercial stormwater can cause considerable damage.

Drainage NZ are specialists in the commercial drainage field, being in the business for over 20 years experience. We have been involved in a number of commercial stormwater installations and repairs jobs in Auckland, providing the solutions needed for various businesses and commercial properties.

Stormwater drains are important both during construction and afterwards. During contruction, stormwater drainage is needed to keep water clear from the work space allowing work to be done. It is often used around foundations, retaining walls, footpaths and driveways. However, there are various regulations that need to be met with stormwater drainage. Stormwater catchment applications must be managed and discharged to approved points of outfall. These points include natural streams, public stormwater connections, soak holes, detention tanks and pumped solutions. In New Zealand all subsoil drainage must be treated before discharged into a public system.

If you are needing to setup or construction a stormwater drainage system, consult us today for the assistance you need to get it done.