Public Council Drainage

In New Zealand drainlaying is licenced industry requiring drainlayers to be qualified and registered to do the job. In Auckland drainlayers are required to have additional certifications to work on public sewer and stormwater systems. These include Watercare registration, Auckland, Manukau and north shore approved registrations.Drainage NZ can be found on the ALC list for Stormwater in the Manukau area. You can download the current Engineering quality standards for stormwater

Prior to installing a new connection, the ALC form should be submitted in person at Kotuku House 4 Osterly Way Manukau or emailed.

With an approved Engineering Plan or Building Consent Plan for approval. This fee is 172.50 incl GST (subject to change).

All inspections to be requested by emailing the relevant engineers at Manukau city council.

As approved council drainlayers we will certify that:1 All works shown on plans numbered are complete and show full contract works as per the approved drawings.

2. All works have been constructed in accordance with sound and accepted principles.

3. All works have been constructed in accordance with approved drawings (or amendments thereto).

4. All materials comply with the provisions of Auckland Council engineering standards as per the approved plan.

Public council drainage in Auckland’s Papakura district is maintained and operated by Veolia, rather than Watercare who manage the rest of Auckland. In 2021, Drainage NZ became a Veolia approved contractor, earning the ability to provide wastewater services to the Papakura district public assets. Meaning the team at Drainage NZ is registered to providing public council drainage to the entirety of the greater Auckland region.

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