What Can A Drainlayer Do That You Can’t?

When looking at doing drainage work, you may be thinking that it’s just a simple case of digging a to ditch and putting the pipe down and putting the dirt back on top.¬† So why can’t you just do it? In reality, there is a lot more to drainage then may first be obvious.

drainlayers_aucklandDrainage systems need to be carefully planned so that they work correctly. The size of pipe, gradient of slope and even pipe material are all factors that need to be carefully considered for each job and will depend greatly on a number of factors including what the pipes will be carrying.

Then there is the job of the actual installation. The pipes need to be carefully connected and sealed to ensure that the installation will last the test of time. They need to be placed correctly so that waste water will flow enough to efficiently drain from the property. And care must be taken so that nothing is damaged upon putting everything back or building on top/next to the pipework.

A skilled drainlayer will spend years perfecting his skill and knowledge in installing drains. It’s not something you can just learn in a weekend. The technical aspects of the work require years of study and experience to memorise and apply in the field.