When Was The Last Time You Had Your Drains Inspected?

Drainage systems can go for years without issues. But they can also slowly build up issues and one day, without sign, they go pop! This can be very hard to predict, and can hit you with a nice, substantial bill when it happens.

What can you do to ensure that there isn’t a problem building up in your drainage system?

CCTV_drainage_inspectionsGetting your drains regularly inspected with CCTV will tell you what condition your pipes are in, if there is any damage or any blockage building up. You will also see if the pipes are starting to break down. This will give you a clear indication of what’s going on in there, and anything you should be wary of. Always remember that it is cheaper and less stressful to pick up a problem before it happens!

CCTV inspection is also necessary if you have a leak or blockage before any work is done because it tells you what the issue is and how to tackle it.

We at Drainage NZ can help you to inspect your drains whether you just want to make sure all is ok or you have a problem. Speak to us today!