Thrusting, directional drilling, water main leak repairs and replacement

Yes we do it All!

Drainage NZ are setup to replace and repair waters at unbeatable rates! Thrusting and directional drilling services also available.

With the Pohutukawa’s bursting into full flower this past week we know that Summer for 2016/17 has definitely arrived. Don’t be persuaded to think otherwise with the intermittent rain that seems to keep surprising us – all the weather watchers are saying we’re in for a long, hot drawn out summer.

With the dry season upon us, the ground we stand on, build on and otherwise exist on is going to dry out. When the ground dries out the natural consequence is that the ground contracts. When this happens, water mains can burst under the pressure.

A burst in your water mains supply between the street and your meter is the responsibility of the water supply company; but the pipe between the meter and your house is your responsibility.

There are three types of water mains commonly found in New Zealand. Galvanised, Copper and Plastic.

If you have a galvanised water main, this pipe is likely from the 1920’s. Simply due to age these pipes are usually very corroded internally and it is uneconomical to repair these. Replacement is your only option.

If you have a copper water main these are usually easy to locate and able to repaired fairly well without incurring large costs.

If you have a plastic water main, then a number of issues are usually found with these. A lot of early plastic water mains were made from a very hard polyethelene. Polyethelene is susceptible to pin holing or splitting.  This needs to be completely replaced.

Once a pipe is over 30 years old, it will probably leak again

Drainage NZ are setup to replace and repair water mains at unbeatable rates!



$ 75 + GST / HOUR

Truck and Driver

$ 90 + GST / HOUR

Drainlayer and Excavator

$ 110 + GST / HOUR

Drainlayer Labourer

$ 45 + GST / HOUR

Concrete cutting

$ 45 / METER

Soil Removal based on local fees

Drainage Fix Pricing:

100mm UPVC

FROM $ 55 / meter

100MM SN16 (heavy duty)

FROM $ 65 / meter

Drainage NZ also have thrusting and directional drilling services available. Thrusting is used when installing:

  • Water Distribution Piping
  • Fire Protection Lines
  • Sanitary Sewer Piping
  • Storm Sewer Drainage Piping
  • Gas Distribution Piping
  • Landfill Applications
  • Irrigation Applications
  • Electrical/Telecommunications

Using the latest technologies and techniques, we also provide directional drilling. We service jobs big or small for both residential and commercial at competitive rates; telecom and water mains, storm water drains and sewers.

Directional Drilling allows for

  • Less traffic disruption
  • Lower cost (no labour, concrete reinstating etc)
  • Deeper installation possible
  • Long installations possible
  • Quickly completed
  • Safer for the environment

So watch out this summer for any burst mains and if this happens at your home or workplace – keep Drainage NZ in mind. If you have drainage needs right now – give us a call on 0800 DRAINLAYER (0800 372 465) and see what we can do for you!