Our Drainlayers specialise in public drainage

Public drainage includes all works that take place on public stormwater or sewer lines. This will includes repair works and new installations.

In Auckland, city council is responsible for stormwater while Watercare looks after the public sewer network system.

Whether a drainlayer is working on the public stormwater or sewer line, applications to both authorities must be made and approvals obtained before any works may take place.

Some councils such as Manukau city council may also have their set of standards which may defer to the common Auckland city standard. One example of this is the well-known “London junction” which is an approved standard in Manukau.

Whilst a registered drainlayer may do any residential drainage works, special training, experience and registration with Auckland city council and Watercare is required to enable works on the public network.

Drainage NZ have obtained all qualifications and experience to repair or install any size public drainage. Scope of experience and works include:

  • Public sewer line thrusting over 200mm.
  • Road drainage and manhole installation. Up to 1500mm diameter.
  • Sub divisions and rearranging of network layout.
  • Public sewage pumped systems.
  • Public stormwater and grease management.
  • Commercial grade Grease traps.
  • Repair works on large scale public systems.
  • Design and planning of public networks. 

Drainage NZ are able to advise on solutions and provide quotes in a timely manner on any size public drainage work.

Give us a call on 0800 DRAINLAYER for more information.

Here are some images from a recent job on the Northshore showing extensive repair works to existing public manholes. Works included raising levels to accommodate a subdivision and raising of existing ground levels.  

manhole_installation manhole_benching  manhole_repairs  public_drainlayers  9 8-2