We Build Rock Walls and Provide Concrete Services

Drainage NZ have been providing residential and commercial drainage services for over a decade successfully. Drainage works more than often require concrete cutting, driveway removal, and demolishing of existing landscape, including retaining walls.

Once all drainage works are complete, these areas need to be reinstated. What’s even more important is that reinstatement should complement the newly installed drainage system.

Whether it’s a new subsoil installation or a repair or replacement of storm water and sewer lines, these reinstatement and landscaping works need to be done correctly. This got us thinking!

Since we have all the expertise, machinery and manpower, we can offer our customers these services directly. We save you thousands of dollars and ensure a third-party contractor does not undermine the new drainage system.

As such, we have already started providing these services to dozens of clients to this extent and they extremely satisfied with the result! We officially offer the following service to New or Existing clients:

Volcanic Rock Walls

Also known as Lava Rock Walls, Volcanic Rock Walls are walls built from volcanic rocks. There are many ways to build volcanic rock walls. Many contractors use bigger rocks at the bottom and pile smaller rocks on top while others prefer to layer smaller rocks at the bottom and build the wall using bigger volcanic rocks on top.

These volcanic rock walls are lovely to look at and provide a wonderful backdrop for gardens and swimming pools. They are pleasing to the eyes and unique in their own rights. You will need access to lava rocks in order to build one.

You can use volcanic rock walls for your house. They offer a beautiful alternative to old-fashioned cement and concrete. Some people build desert houses using lava rock as their foundation.

Volcanic rock walls are gaining popularity in mainstream architecture as they provide a wonderful alternative to boring old walls.

If you’re thinking about building volcanic rock walls, there are a myriad of options found online that you can use for your construction plans. I suggest you explore those options first before you start building your lava rock walls. Better yet, call us and we will build your volcanic rock walls for you at an affordable price.

Concrete Driveways (Exposed Aggregate, Polished or Brushed Finished)

Concrete Driveways are a favorite of both professional installers and homeowners alike. Concrete slabs are durable and strong and they require little to no maintenance. They last longer than other materials, which is why most people choose to build concrete driveways in their homes and offices.

Concrete is more expensive than asphalt and gravel – although it is definitely cheaper than using cobblestone, brick, or concrete pavers. Concrete outlasts these other materials, making it the more practical choice if you want longevity and cost cutting in the long run.

You have three choices for concrete use: exposed aggregate, polished, or brushed finished.

Also known as decorative concrete, exposed aggregate concrete uses natural stones from quarries and riverbeds that are hand-seeded into a concrete base. It’s durability and classy look makes exposed aggregate concrete the perfect choice for patios, pool decks, walkways, driveways, commercial entryways, etc.

Polished concrete is processed using a series of mechanically ground polishing or grinding steps similar to terrazzo production. Polished concrete is an eco-friendly, “green” flooring system that’s LEED approved.

Brushed finished concrete is a type of finish that is in contrast to finished concrete, which has a smooth finish. Although smooth finished concrete is standard, more and more builders now go for the brushed finished concrete finish.

Whichever you choose, we can do it for you.

Concrete Cutting and Removal

Concrete cutting and removal requires that the area is cleared of debris and other objects that may hinder movement of the people involved. Items that may be damaged by dust or concrete fragments need to be covered with protective sacks or mats.

You can cut and remove concrete yourself using a sledgehammer. However, you will need to be very careful as accidents may occur using power tools. You need to break down the concrete into smaller parts to be able to remove it. You also need to cut away steel reinforcements. After that, you will need to remove and dispose of the concrete that you have unearthed.

Cutting and removing concrete may require professional help as you need someone who knows how to handle the power tools needed to cut and remove said concrete. You will need to hire an expert to do this for you.

We provide this service for you at a low cost. We will cut and remove any concrete material that you wish to eliminate from your premises.

Paving and Soakage Capable Landscaping (To Accommodate Subsoil Drainage)

Pavements are outdoor floor or superficial surface covering. Paving materials include concrete, asphalt, stones like cobblestones, flagstone, and artificial stone, tiles, or bricks.

Landscape architecture categorizes pavements as part of the hardscape used on patios, road surfaces, courtyards, and sidewalks.

Soakage Capable Landscaping allows for the disposal of storm water through a private in-ground soakage system to be maintained by the property owner.

Soakage systems require an overland flow path that caters to the storm water overflow in accordance with the design standard requirements for soakage systems.

Paving and soakage capable landscaping is designed to accommodate subsoil drainage in your area.

We also provide paving services. All you have to do is ask.

Surface Water Management

Surface Water Management is designed to prevent surface water flooding, which occurs when heavy storms overwhelms your local drainage systems and capacity.

Surface water management requires coordinated action by people and groups who manage land, river, and drainage systems in your area.

This project investigates local flooding from drains, sewers, runoff from land, and groundwater during heavy rainstorms in your area.

Surface water flooding happens when rain brought about by heavy storms overwhelms your local drainage systems.

We provide surface water management as one of our services. You can count on us to help prevent flooding in your area by installing a drainage system that can handle surface water flooding.

As it happens, every job we complete requires some final touches, which include some of the services listed above. Our prices are extremely sharp and our finishing is exquisite!