Drain Unblockers or CCTV Experts?

blocked_toiletA blocked drain is the last the last thing you would expect when you are relaxing on the weekend. Suddenly your kitchen sink is not draining, your gully trap is overflowing or even worse your toilet decides to throw up!

This is exactly what happened to Sandy in Remuera Auckland over the long Anzac weekend.

After several calls to several drain unblockers Sandy quickly got confused about what service was required, the cost for that service and whether or not it would solve the issues right away. After 1 hour of talking to multiple drain unblocking service providers, Sandy just about gave up and was more confused than to begin with.

Thankfully she came across Drainage NZ!

After only 15 minutes on the phone with Sandy, we identified the issue by asking a series of simple questions. Experience allows us to ask the right questions, go through a simple process of elimination and pin point the problem and quote the correct cost.

Many companies are understaffed and unwilling to service a “simple” drain unblock at a “simple” cost. Like in Sandy’s they company in question would not come to site unless also  CCTV was booked. Having asked the right questions it was quickly determined that the issue was inside the building envelope and not outside.

After arriving onsite, the problem was resolved with a simple plunge! 3 year old Marty put her teddy down the drain causing the blockage. We were able to get our drain unblocking snake down the toilet and pull the offending Winnie the pooh out hence resolving the issue. You can imagine Sand’s relief!

The cost? A simple minimum weekend charge out rate.
Drainage NZ are available 24/7, call 0800 DRAINLAYER for more information or free quotes.