Permanent Leaky Basement and Flooding Solutions

If you are experiencing one of the following issues:

  • Flooding Basement area
  • Water under house
  • Flooding driveways
  • Blocked stormwater drains
  • Boggy Lawns
  • Subsoil drainage problems
  • Excessive water accumulation

Then you need to think about a permanent long term solution if you care about the property. Whether you intend to sell or keep Long term solutions mean more value and more safety for the occupants and/or owners.

Drainage NZ have been doing subsoil drainage and providing flooding solutions for over 20 years! Our solutions are cost effective and you only pay once to have the problem solved first time.

Some recent flooding issues Drainage NZ has resolved

A drainage solution is not just finding someone that can dig a hole and throw a punched Nova coil into the ground. There needs to be an understanding of physics and a plan needs to be engineered which is closely linked to the issues you are facing.

Subsoil Drainage Solutions

Drainage NZ have been involved in 100s of subsoil drainage solutions around the larger Auckland area. We have done everything from engineering soak holes to providing unique thrusted and/or drilled solutions for home and business owners that assumed no solution existed.

In Auckland you will find several extreme ground conditions. Whilst in Mt Wellington you may have volcanic ground, in West Auckland or on the North Shore you will find many areas are meters deep in clay that offers zero ground percolation. Where the one offers plenty of soakage the other will offer none but both have one thing in common requiring an engineered methodology to tackle the different forms of flooding that are affecting properties.

Our solutions also include many properties that are affected by no available public storm water networks requiring self-management of roof and surface water.

Consents and Plans

If and when design and consent are (e.g in some instances pumped solutions) required Drainage NZ take care of everything. We have designers in-house that work closely with our field technicians to achieve your desired scope successfully.

Here some subsoil drainage jobs Drainage NZ have completed recently.

Location: West Auckland
Problem: Basement flooding (water leaking into room below ground and garage areas)
Depth: 1.6 meters Length: 26 meters
Scope: Excavation, waterproofing, drainage works. Reinstatement and landscaping and concrete works.
Outfall: Existing Private SW to Public Stormwater

Location: Central Auckland (Mt Wellington)
Problem: Excessive Flooding into house areas below external outside area.
Depth: 1.5 meters Length: 15 meters
Scope: Rock breaking, Excavation, waterproofing, drainage works
Outfall: Existing Onehunga Soakhole

Location: North Shore
Problem: House piling flooding. Incorrect onsite levels introduce excessive water to areas under house resulting in piling slipping, cracked walls and framing in upper levels. 
Depth: 1.2 meters to point of discharge. 
Scope: Excavation of clay, leveling ground, waterproofing, drainage works
Outfall: Existing Private Soak hole