What Is Butt Welding and How Can It be Used Effectively?

There are several ways to attach two metal pipes together.  To choose which one to use, you must decide based on what is best or needed for the job at hand therefore it is vital to understand each method.  These methods are:

  • Threaded
  • Stab-type Fittings
  • Soldered
  • Brazed
  • Welded – Which has two types, namely : Butt Weld and Socket Weld
  • Saddle Fusion

Among these, Butt Welding is the most common of pipe welding joining methods.  This is commonly used for pipes which generally shares the same diameter.  This method is also most popularly used in commercial and industrial pipe systems. 

What Is Butt Welding?

Butt welding is when two pieces of metal pipes are joined together within the same plane.  This method requires some preparation and is used mostly for thin metal sheets, which need to be welded in a single pass.  This technique can be automated or it can be pieced together by hand on to the steel pieces.  Brazing can also be done under this method for copper pieces.  This method is used to attach two metal pieces such as pipes, framework in factories, and in flanges as well.

The butt-welding method is the preferred type for commercial purposes since it is more economical, as well as providing a strong fusion of the two metal pieces.  Also, it uses the least amount of welding materials and at the same time giving out a strong weld.  The automated butt weld process is the more favored process because of its ease of preparation and there is a low chance of adjustments in cases of non-ideal joint preparation because of the absence of human guidance.  It is expected that butt welds have the strongest welds with the least amount of imperfections. 

How Can Butt Welding be Used Effectively?

Butt welding is used when directional drilling so as to avoid joiners from sticking out thus making the thrust difficult.  A smooth flush finish outside the pipe is needed to enable the thrusted pipe to be pushed through without getting stuck.  Also this method does not need the metal piece to be welded together by having to bend everything and reinforce the structure which can then cost more than just welding two metal pieces together through this method. 

This method works best with MIG or TIG welding applications because of its ability to connect two metal pipes.  This method can be done by pressing the ends of the material together while a current is passing through them.  The temperature between the materials is high which softens the metal into a plastic-like state which them makes it fuse together.  When using this technique, it should also be noted that the diameter and thickness of the pipes and fittings should be equal as well as the material used. 

Advantages of Butt Welding

There are several advantages of butt welding among these are:

  1. It assures of its permanent leak proof quality and strength. 
  2. Having a continuous steel structure between the pipes and fittings gives the piping system better strength.
  3. The pipe fittings when used using this method gives out a smooth surface and a gradual directional changes thus making it decrease the pressure losses, the turbulence of the system and protecting it from corrosion and erosion.
  4. This method is more economical, which does not hurt the budget.
  5. Butt welding joints also offer smaller space in the system. 
  6. A weld can be made using this method in a wide range of sizes and complex shapes although both ends should be equally matching. 
  7. This can be used in a wide range of materials such as steels, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, nickel alloys or titanium. 
  8. Solidification cracking and porosity is usually not an issue.
  9. The butt welding process can be automatic or semi-automatic and monitoring of the welding process can already indicate the quality of the work.

How Can Drainage NZ Help?

Drainage NZ’s over 20 years of experience in this field can provide services together with their qualified drain layers. The team is certified, qualified, and registered, therefore, assuring clients that only the best services are offered with the highest of standards and in compliance with NZBC standards. 

Services include all aspects of drainage, such as driveway cesspits and channels, drain repairs, and drain unblocking in both residential and commercial drainage work.  Aside from these, the company is also offering its services in general plumbing and gas fitting works. 

Drainage NZ offers services in directional drilling works.  Their services include water distribution piping, fire protection lines, sanitary sewer piping, storm sewer drainage piping, gas distribution piping, landfill applications, irrigation applications, and electrical/telecommunications. 

There are also several reasons why horizontal directional drilling is used. One of the reasons is that there is lesser traffic disruption.  It also offers lower costs since there is no labor or concrete reinstating.  There is also a possibility for deeper installation, long installation is possible, job can be completed for a short period of time and lastly, it is safer for the environment.

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