Stormwater Drainage, Why So Crucial


Has your property developed a new swimming pool after that last storm or heavy downpour? I wouldn’t try swimming in it though, floodwaters are usually filled with contaminants and pollution from the water picking up things such as trash, oil, fertilisers and what ever else it has swept over before gathering into your new pool.  Just imagine what could be floating around in there contaminating your home and waterways. This is why proper stormwater drainage is crucial to keeping your home and your surrounding environment safe.  If not installed properly it can also become home to mosquitos who will use this wonderful water source as a breeding ground, which is no fun unless you’re a fan of these little bloodsuckers.  A properly installed stormwater drainage system will be strategically placed to ensure your home is drained properly, so you will no longer have unwelcome “swimming pools” coming up on your property every time it rains.

Not having a stormwater drain or having an improper stormwater drainage system that is not operating properly can also cause damage to your house. Water pooling around the base of your house can weaken the structure and shift soil causing cracks in walls and foundations. The shifting foundation can stop doors and windows from sealing properly causing home dampness and mould. We all know a damp house will cause a host of physical illnesses such as respiratory problems. Also you have the cost of running a dehumidifier to try dry your home, heaters to try keep your home warm, the list goes on. So for your health, safety, and your bank account having a stormwater drain installed properly is a must.

In Auckland,  drain layers are required to have additional certifications to work on stormwater systems. Drainage NZ has these certifications along with 20 years experience. Our work is guaranteed. So call us now, we will take care of everything with one call so you don’t have to call around companies for different reasons and for different equipment for different jobs and areas.