My Stormwater Is Flooding, What Do I Do?

Flooding stormwater drains are a fairly common problem and can be a real pain. Not only does the flood cause inconvenience but it can also cause damage as well. So what should you do if you see a flood, and what can you do to prevent it in the first place?

stormwater_drains_blockedFirstly, if you already have a flood on your hands, it is too late to take proactive action to prevent it. You need to find the cause of the problem. Stormwater drains often get blocked by leaves, sand, dirt and mud. They are usually washed into the drain during rains and storms, which is normal. If you have a blockage, more often then not it’s a simple case of just unblocking the drain, it’s just important to pick it up and get it done as soon as possible to prevent property damage.

It is also possible that a blocked stormwater drain is caused by damage in the drainage system. This can be found by doing a CCTV inspection, and will most likely be the case if unblocking does not solve the problem.

In order to prevent the drain from flooding in the first place, regular maintenance and checking is the first step. Always make sure that drain is clear and there is no build up or dirt, leaves etc. Also always check after heavy rain or storm to ensure that a blockage has not started to build up.