Mouldy Walls During Winter Days?

Are you finding that your walls are getting wet and mouldy during the winter season? Many properties in Auckland were built with a habitable layer below ground level, and this can cause drainage problems if not constructed correctly leading to wet and mouldy walls. If you find yourself with the problem, what do you do?

mouldy_wallsWet walls are a result of improper subsoil drainage around the building, which means that the drainage needs to be either repaired or replaced with a proper system for it to work correctly. Most often the subsoil system needs to be excavated, removed and replaced. If there is no drainage system, a new one will have to be installed.

Drainage NZ are specialists in basement flooding problems and offer affordable subsoil drainage solutions to ensure that you do not have to live with wet and mouldy walls. Talk to us today about getting rid of your mould!