Drainage NZ Now Veolia Approved for Papakura.

Drainage NZ is proud to announce that we are now an approved drainage contractor for Veolia. This certificate allows Drainage NZ to provide its wastewater services to the Papakura district public assets. Drainage NZ brings over 20 years of drainlaying and wastewater expertise to the community of Papakura, providing competitive pricing without compromising quality.

What is Veolia?

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Since 1997 Veolia has maintained and operated the water and wastewater infrastructure of the Papakura District. Papakura, Takanini, Drury, and the Hingaia Peninsula all rely on the Veolia for essential lifeline services. Typically, water and wastewater services in Auckland are managed by Watercare. However, the task of providing water and wastewater services for more than 1.7 million Kiwis proved to be too daunting. So, in 1997, Watercare awarded a first of its kind contract to Veolia to become, at the time, the only private sector water and wastewater provider in New Zealand. Picked for their focus on sustainability and high standards, Veolia brought their international expertise to New Zealand to effectively manage the water and waste of thousands of kiwi homes.

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Who are we?

Drainage nz

Drainage NZ has been a name in the drainage game for the past 20 years. Our expertise and experience have awarded us membership to the Master Drainlayers, as well as certifications from Watercare, Auckland City, and Manukau City. Our exceptional team of qualified drainlayer’s has gained the trust of millions of Kiwis, making us a preferred provider for all commercial, residential and public drainage services.

What commercial, residential & public services do we provide to Auckland?

–         Drainage Services, including sewers and stormwater.

–         Drain unblocking.

–         Subsoil Drainage.

–         Basement flooding.

–         Council Drainage.

–         Manholes

–         CCTV Surveys

–         Thrusting Services

Drainage NZ takes a diligent approach to every job, no matter the size. We always locate all existing services before undertaking any drainage or drilling work. We locate and mark existing power, gas, water, drainage, telecom, and power lines to ensure a safe and non-destructive job.

Drainlaying in New Zealand is a licenced industry requiring drainlayers to be qualified and registered to provide services. Furthermore, Auckland requires drainlayers to hold additional certifications for any work on public wastewater systems. Drainage NZ holds a range of certificates from several New Zealand and Auckland drainlaying authorities, including:

–         Master Drainlayers

–         Certifying Drainlayers

–         ALC registered.

–         Auckland City registered.

–         Manukau City registered.

–         Watercare registered.

–         Sitesafe registered.

These certifications mean Drainage NZ is qualified and trusted to perform any job on public wastewater systems in the greater Auckland area, except for Papakura, for which Drainage NZ has lacked proper certification… until now. Adding to our list, Drainage NZ has become Veolia approved. This means Drainage NZ can now provide its master class services to the entire greater Auckland region.

How do you get approved by Veolia?

To gain approval from Veolia a drainlaying company must provide sufficient evidence demonstrating relevant skills, experience, and knowledge of drainlaying and wastewater systems. With 20 years of experience and practice in the industry, and years of experience working under Watercare NZ, the application process was quick and stress-free. In 2021, after analysing our previous wastewater work, and confirming our registration as drainlayers, Veolia approved Drainage NZ to work on Papakura public wastewater services.

Examples of what services we can now provide:

Not all drainage services require approval from local water and wastewater providers, however more complex work such as wastewater services do require certification. Veolia is the provider of wastewater services to Papakura and a few surrounding regions, meaning, Drainage NZ is now able to provide wastewater services to more Kiwis than ever.

Services we can now provide to the Papakura area:

–         Manhole installations

–         Council and Public drainage connections and installations

–         Design and council support

Any drainlaying service requiring interaction with existing public wastewater infrastructure in Papakura can now be undertaken by Drainage NZ. Drainage NZ has provided these services to Auckland for years, but now with Veolia approval, we can extend our wastewater services to Papakura.

An example of a future project now possible in Papakura is a new manhole installation. Most manhole work is considered public work, requiring correct certification. Installing a new manhole involves connecting to an existing wastewater pipeline. These pipes are managed by Veolia in Papakura, so only Veolia-approved service providers are legally able to make these connections.

Drainage NZ is proud to be able to now provide all of our services to the entirety of the greater Auckland area. Partnership with Veolia means taking on board its commitment to the community and taking responsibility for providing honest quality services to the people of Papakura.

Our technicians are eager to get to work. If you are in Papakura looking for competitively priced wastewater services, Drainage NZ is happy to provide you with an expert quality service enjoyed by Auckland for the last 20 years. For inquiries or a quote call us at 0800 372 465 or contact us here.