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How Does Hydro Excavation Work?

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There are times when it’s virtually impossible to dig around underground assets such as water pipes, telecommunication cables and gas pipelines. Without a detailed map of your underground assets, you might end up dealing with costly damages. Hence, instead of using traditional techniques in excavation, it’s highly advisable to use hydro evacuation. It’s a fast, risk-free and effective digging method that can be used for both commercial and residential customers.

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A brief introduction into hydro excavation

Hydrovacing or hydro evacuation was first introduced back in the 1880s when miners needed to utilise pump pressurized water to wash away debris and even large land masses. This technique allows for faster and more convenient way of capturing gold plus other minerals from the ores.

Fast forward to 1969, a more sophisticated tool was invented, which they referred to as ExcaVactor. A decade after, companies offering pipe excavation services started using sewer cleaners and vacuum trucks to conduct the hydro evacuation procedure. In some companies, it’s offered alongside solutions such as the sucker truck and unblocking services.

It’s a technique used in a lot of applications. Be it a residential property or a large commercial building, hydrovacing can come extra handy in excavating debris, removing damaged pipes and more.

What happens during a hydro


Instead of digging the old-school way, hydro evacuation involves the use of pressurized water. Water is injected into the ground until the soil appear like a slurry mixture. Then, the workers need to feed the liquefied soil into the pipes of a sucker truck. The powerful vacuuming tool is strong enough to remove around 70 feet of liquefied soil.

The best part about this process is it works for any type of soil. Be it a loose garden soil, a mixture of silt and clay or even frozen ground, you can have your pipes or other underground assets dug up safe and fast.

What are the benefits of hydro evacuation?

Choosing hydro evacuation over the old digging method can help you solve all kinds of problems without risking infrastructure damage. It also provides you with a safer way for you to uncover defective underground assets. On top of that, it offers a lot of perks including:

  • Reducing cave ins resulting from the disruption of the surrounding soil
  • Faster completion of your excavation project
  • No need to use additional equipment because only water, air and sucker truck is required
  • Zero to minimal damage to pipes or other underground assets
  • Does not require additional workforce to remove soil underneath the excavation site
  • Works for a variety of soil types including permafrost
  • Can be used in hard to access locations because truck can be positioned at most 100 feet away from the site

Applications of hydro evacuation

There are many ways you can maximize the use of hydrovac. Here are some of its most common applications in both residential and commercial properties:

  • Excavation of tight spaces – Sometimes property owners have a hard time excavating because of their cramped space. Good thing, tight spaces are not an issue when hydro evacuation is used. The equipment can be placed in a distant area during the service so the workers have enough space to work on.
  • Removal of debris – Dealing with debris stuck in pipes and manholes can be quite a nightmare. With hydrovac, you get to remove debris before they even get stuck inside the drain or pipes.
  • Excavation during cold season – Working during the cold seasons comes with a lot of health hazards. However, sometimes issues such as frozen or burst pipes just happen. Thankfully, you have a better and more hassle-free option to dig up your damaged pipes. Hydrovac works seamlessly even with completely frozen soil.
  • Slot trenching – Widen trenches safely and quickly with hydrovacing. It will help you find utility lines more conveniently and safely if you use pressurized water to dig and widen trenches.
  • Potholing – Need to check underground facilities? You can do so without risking the integrity of the building’s structure. Hydro evacuation eliminates risks and allows you to work in congested areas.
  • Setting of poles – If you need to some pole drilling work done, booking a hydrovac service will also come extra handy. Hydro evacuation is the most highly recommended method to use in setting poles.
  • Utility and pipeline crossing – Working in an area with many pipes and utility crossing is a tricky process. One wrong move can result in very expensive repairs. This why it’s better to make use of hydrovac. It’s a simple yet sophisticated technique that help you move forward with work at a faster pace.

Hydrovacing is perhaps one of the most efficient methods used to excavate materials today. It’s works fast so you’re sure to get your project done within your projected time frame. The service is also made cost-effective so you enjoy more value for your money. Call today for your hydro evacuation needs.